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Making in Ruin

3 minute read

Here, I wanted to catalogue some of the ways my current feedback circuits are broken, and how I’m still using them anyway.

The Mushroom at the End of the World

9 minute read

I recently finished reading Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s ‘The Mushroom at the End of the World’. It wasn’t directly relevant to my work but has sparked a couple o...

Circuit Bending and Sanctimony

2 minute read

A slight annoyance in some of the literature I sometimes encounter during my PhD is the way alternative or, so-called, counter-cultures are represented as so...

The Chaos Bazaar

less than 1 minute read

By denying buyers the possibility of direct economic relationships with sellers, Spotify has no choice but to continue to pursue its delusional, illegal, stu...

Barker’s Plate Reverb

3 minute read

The hidden costs of Barker’s €150 plate reverb and solenoid percussion system

Interdependent Labour

1 minute read

I’m always interested in stuff around ‘work’ and/or ‘labour’ around DIY music scenes and how it intersects with wider criticism of capitalism etc. I wanted t...

Clearing the Decks

5 minute read

I’ve just been writing for my PhD progression. It’s been an intense couple of months but there’s now a brief respite as my report is reviewed for corrections...

Tutorial: Ciat Lonbarde PCBs

6 minute read

A tutorial on turning Peter Blasser’s ‘Paper Circuits’ into files needed for Printed Circuit Board manufacturing.

DIY - Some Notes

5 minute read

A key term within my practice, and the broader music communities I identify with, is DIY. But what does this mean?

Testing Epoxy Backed Contact Mic’s

4 minute read

I’ve been making contact mic’s for myself and others for some years now (and I’m planning on putting some up for sale again quite soon so get in touch if you...

Urghh… Recaptcha

less than 1 minute read

Just a quick note. I hate captcha. Mostly I hate infinite captcha loops you can get locked into whilst browsing using Tor. That’s often as much to do with cl...

Self Hosting with Raspberry Pi and Tor

8 minute read

A year or so ago I started experimenting with digital self publishing. Having become increasingly politicised with regard to both state and commercial online...

Hello World

less than 1 minute read

Obligatory first post. Portfolio and more to follow.



An exercise in fictional archives and mediated histories - focussing upon little-known, 1970s, German noise band, Lustfaust.

The Rusty Trombone of God

Cardiff based DIY gig collective - bringing fringe highlights and dirt-rare performances to Cardiff between 2010 and 2012. And then Nottingham in 2013.

A Walk by the Water

Between the 25th and the 30th of September 2013, in groups and alone, we walked sections of the River Trent and Nottingham Canal. It was as if she knew we we...

Contact Mics Uganda

A 2 day workshop ran in the Katwe slums of Nsambya in Kampala, Uganda during December 2013.

Audio Transducers Nepal

In March 2014 I visited Nepal with my wife. I was there to run a workshop where we would turn objects in speakers allowing us to intervene locally with sound...

The Memory Project

A realisation of the score ‘Do You Want To Expand Your Parameters Or Play Museums Like Some Dilettante’ is played back using vibrations to activate the windo...

Rainforest IV

Based upon David Tudor’s Rainforest IV (1973) and realised as a collaborative electronics workshop and performance.

Improvisations: Series 1

An ongoing archive of staged realities and material flows leaking into the world, inviting you to listen with the ‘ear of the imagination’.


One off 12” vinyl commission for Mat Jenner’s FOAM project.

Rammel Club

Nights of visionary global music in Nottingham, UK.

From Now On

A 4 hour durational installation and performance hybrid

Peak Signal 2 Noise

Short video pieces and soundtracking for Sheffield’s weirdest experimental music/sound/art TV show