Rammel Club

Nights of visionary global music in Nottingham, UK.

From 2014-2015 I joined Nottingham based DIY gig collective Rammel Club.

Poster/flyer by Benjamin Hallatt Poster/flyer by Rammel Club Riso print poster/flyer by Line Vangrunderbeeck Facemelt resin cast by Ian Watson, Poster/Flyer by Murray Royston-Ward Poster/Flyer by Murray Royston-Ward Poster/Flyer by Henry/Davis Poster/flyer by Kathryn Cooper Poster/flyer by Larry Crywater Poster/Flyer by Henry/Davis Poster/flyer by Line Vangrunderbeeck

Artists: [D-C], A.N.T. Attack, Arianne Churchman, Bir, C Joynes, Cathy Heyden/Rogier Smal, Colossloth, Core of the Coalman, Crank Sturgeon, Dale Cornish, Daniel Voigt, David Birchall + Javier Saso, Dusted Magazine, Evil Moisture, Experimental Sonic Machines, Father Murphy, Flamingo Creatures, Friend of a Friend, Fritz Welch, H.U.M, Ian Watson, John Macedo, Kay Hill, KK Null & Kawabata Makoto, Lovely Honkey, Mai Mai Mai, Mammothwing, Marlo Eggplant, Melanie O’dubshlaine, Mesa of the Lost Women feat. Junko, Murray Royston-Ward, Nacht und Nebel, Nadir, Nick Jonah Davis, Nick Jonah Davis + Jo Cormack, Olivier Di Placido/Fritz Welch Duo, Pain Jerk, Papal Bull, Phantom Chips, Phil Julian, Posset, Rainbow Grave, Roman Nose, Rudolf Eb.er, Russell Haswell, Simon Raven, Simon Wildfrid, Smut, Sophie Cooper, Stuart Chalmers, Surfacing, Tepeu y Q’uq’umatz, the Sons of Rest, Thin Raft, Trans/Human, Was Ist Das? DJ, Woven Skull, Yerba Mansa