Just a quick note. I hate captcha. Mostly I hate infinite captcha loops you can get locked into whilst browsing using Tor. That’s often as much to do with cloudflare than captchas themselves but still…

I also hate that we’re basically feeding google’s AI machine learning for free when we complete a captcha. They commercialise our browsing labour for developing the kinds of algorithms that are increasingly driving society and, in the process, driving/maintaining inequalities. Google aren’t the only ones here of course (and they’re not the only captcha system either). Smash capitalism innit :punch: 🏴

Anyway. I set up comments here the otherday using staticman. I opted not to enable captcha because I thought I’d see how things went and try and weather the bots if and when they came. Well 48 hrs in on a super obscure little corner of web publishing and I’m already getting daily spam comments.

Stuff that!

So apologies to anyone who wants to comment and shares my captcha hatred but I’ve enabled google’s reCaptcha so you’re going to have to endure clicking some cars or street signs etc.

Peace out :v: